Friday, July 25, 2008

Sell Sell Sell

I've spent the last three days updating and dealing with my marketing plan for the rest of 2008. It gets a little bigger each year. At this point, it includes:

- print promos quarterly
- regular spreads in Archive
- email promos quarterly
- go sees: SF, CHI, NY (twice), LA, maybe even MN this year
- handwritten notes for the special people
- submitting work to contests: AP, CA, PDN, PIX, etc.
- updating 3 websites quarterly: Mine, Photoserve, AltPick
- updating 10 portfolios annually
- year end thank you gifts for clients
- submitting work to misc. news + culture websites
- providing my reps with images for their separate efforts

Not quite sure how to shoot jobs and get this done. Let alone get all this done and stick to the schedule.

I think I might need an intern. Oh, wait....I am the intern.

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