Monday, July 21, 2008

what i had for lunch today

Email from Thomas Broening:

"Not that you asked but you got to blog more often if you are going to have an audience. Work is looking real good though. -- thomas"

I started this blog as a way to keep a running narrative on the work I'm doing. Putting it out there accomplishes a few things, including allowing me to expand on my work, and to get feedback. Although I'm learning that through writing about my work, I'm actually thinking about it in new ways. I'm learning that I actually like writing, too. It's refreshing.

As with anything, if it's not hard, it's probably not worth doing. And this is proving to be one of those things. Writing about my work is good, but writing about it regularly is better. I'm hoping I can roll some of this introspection back into my future projects, and create some new momentum.

Another email from Thomas:

"Maybe start by what u have for lunch everyday, that works for me."

In an effort to make this a productive habit, I'm going to try to avoid being one of those people that starts a blog then gives up. That said, here is what I had for lunch yesterday:

Chicken sandwich with tomato
Pringles (I think it's the shape that makes them so good!)

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Ryan Nicholson said...

Hey Jamie,

Don't know if you remember me but I did the Dan Winters Santa Fe seminar with you a couple years back. I check out your website every now and then to see what you are up to and found your blog. Really enjoyed the China: Portraits of Workers series.

Continued success to you.
Ryan Nicholson