Monday, September 22, 2008

Went to Goodby today

Back when I was working as a full time assistant, I remember helping on shoots for Goodby and feeling like they did better work than everyone else. The art directors were really smart. I also remember thinking that it would be a long time before I'd feel good about taking my book there, let alone shooting a job for them.

Well, I was there today to meet with art buyer Suzee Barabee, who couldn't have been nicer. I think she liked my book, but I was so distracted with actually being there that it was hard to focus on the meeting. Sometimes I struggle with selling myself versus just letting my book do the talking.

Anyway, they didn't hire me on the spot. I think they're using some guy named Nadav or something. But it was good to be there.


Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Jamie-

I wanted to chime in cuz it looks like RP is the only reader out there, and it is not true.

Do you find it helps get work to go out and meet these people? In the editorial world, I thought it did the opposite of "helped", for me at least. Please advise.

Jamie Kripke said...

It's kind of hard to say. Some meetings go well, and they call me a week later with a cool job, both in advertising and editorial. Other times, it's just awkward, and it's clear that I'll never hear from them again. Usually it's because my work just isn't a good fit and we both know it.

I'd say overall though, going to meet people has been the single most effective way for me to get work. My batting average is way higher in person than it is compared to direct mail, emails, or ads in Archive. I just don't think there's a substitute for the face to face, for me at least. If I had the time to do it, it's all I would do for self promotion....