Friday, December 12, 2008

Chris Buck has skills

Rob at APE posted a really interesting, thorough interview with Chris Buck who is one of my favorite portrait shooters. I was almost relieved to learn that he spends a ton of time organizing, revising, and planning ideas to shoot before he's on set. I always thought that he just walked on set and made these shots on a whim. That's how they feel -- spontaneous and real.

It was also nice to hear him talk about how long it takes to become "successful" in photography -- meaning 10 to 12 years of keeping at it, instead of 2 years, one big campaign, and a meteoric rise to photographic insta-fame. It just doesn't happen that way, at least for the other 99%.

My favorite quote was at the end:

"Here’s the idea I had for William Shatner: In the living room wearing a bathing suit dripping on the carpet. I told him that idea and he was like, 'that’s the worst idea I have ever heard.'"

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