Tuesday, February 3, 2009

checking in with craig cutler

I've always liked Craig Cutler's work. I remember seeing his still lifes and landscapes in the award books when I was still assisting, and wanting to shoot like him. I checked out his site today to see some new work, and found some cool portraits from Texas that incorporate three views: front, left, and right. Kind of cool to think about scouting for these kind of shots.

I also saw some of his travel shots from Tokyo and Paris, which seemed like they were missing something. I had a similar experience in both those cities too -- I spent many days walking around with my camera, but couldn't really find anything that worked when I looked through the viewfinder. To this day I have no idea why, especially because I found both cities to be incredibly interesting and beautiful in their own ways.

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akripke said...

Maybe since those areas have already been raped for images, therefore any picture you take there doesn't seem new. It comes across as being done before or un-inventive. Begging the question "well what hasn't been done there?"