Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Simon Norfolk: we're fucked

Saw a really disturbing quote from Simon Norfolk on Conscientous, and the full story on The WPP site (complete with a really creepy picture of him.) Simon believes that photography as we know it is going to go away, and that photography will basically be reduced to a hobby, or a second job at best.

"So my predictions for the future? More 'name' photographers will be cashing in their reputations to teach 'masterclasses' to wealthy orthodontists."

If this were coming from someone else I'd just blow it off as more fear driven doom and gloom. But Mr. Norfolk is an insanely talented shooter who has spent a lot of time around chaos, misfortune, and destruction.

Time to go back and train to be a ceramics researcher?

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jimgolden said...

this article was very disconcerting, but I think must be taken with a grain of salt...uh, I think!?!?