Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day Grandma Tina

My Grandmother passed away this weekend. She was a traveler, poet, and all around eccentric that said what she thought, and smoked 3 packs a day wherever she damn well pleased. Now that she is gone, I'm realizing even more that she had a profound effect on me. She helped me realize that it was ok to be a little different, and that there is no mold into which we have to fit. So thank you Grandma Tina, I owe you one.

Here is one of her poems, which seems very fitting for today (Earth Day):


Mother Earth does not come
empty handed
to mankind's party
she brings the food
and says "eat hearty."

She gives us flowers
to stir our senses
but if she leaves
then our pretenses
of pride and wealth
are shattered
and the invitation
no longer matters.

For she's the party giver
after all
and we're the guests
at her commanding call.

- Tina Satterthwaite

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