Wednesday, June 24, 2009

really bad art, incredibly good story

My friend and I were leaving DIA the other day and drove by the heinous blue horse with the glowing red eyes that greets you as you pull into the airport. It is hands down the ugliest piece of public art I've ever seen. It looks like a junior high papier mache' project gone wrong:

I drive by this stupid horse and I just get pissed off. I understand that bad art happens. But it's a bummer when it happens in such a public place, and on such a massive scale, using taxpayer dollars. Like Liebeskind's awful museum, how the hell does this stuff happen? I have no idea. As someone that is paid to create art, I can't imagine ever getting so tangled up in such a mess. I guess when you mix together enough layers of incompetence and beauracracy, anything is possible.

So my friend Justin dug a little deeper into how we ended up with such an expensive, ugly, colossal blue fuck up. The story is pretty amazing, and utterly confusing. To paraphrase, the big, dumb blue horse, also known as "Blucifer" ultimately (and literally) murdered his creator, after the whole project went way over budget, and way, way, way, past schedule.

Here is the whole scoop.

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