Monday, June 8, 2009

Walker Evans and Robert Frank

Saw Robert Frank's The Americans at the SFMOMA last week. Pretty insane to see the real show, along with the actual application for the Guggenheim Fellowship that made his road trip possible.

Frank's work is referred to more by other photogs more than anyone I can think of, and it's hard to fully comprehend how radically he changed the game. He was soooooooooo far ahead of his time.

Some of my faves from the show:

Afterwards I bought the newly released book, which comes with a ton of additional info about Frank's life, and the arc of his career. Apparently this is the last time that it will be printed, so I'm glad I scored a copy.

In reading about his past, there is a story about how he worked with Walker Evans on a still life portfolio for Fortune Magazine. They scoured New York and found a bunch of interesting tools to photograph.

It's pretty cool to think of these two working together on an editorial gig. Even more interesting, they worked on the story for 4 days and were paid $10/day. But they spent $70 on the tools. Some things never change.....

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