Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Pile

I hate the Pile. And I'm pretty sure the Pile hates me. The Pile is a living, breathing organism. The Pile is made of: Credit card bills. Paid invoices from assistants, retouchers, reps, stylists, and producers. Notes on how to make a good looking book with Blurb. Fedex airbills. Sourcebook guidelines. Sourcebook deadlines. Parking tickets. Proof prints. Unsigned model releases. Blank cards to be written to Art Directors and Photo Editors. Receipts from B+H. Contracts from magazines that I don't really want to sign. Ideas for personal projects that I need to develop. A neglected sketchbook. Invoices from unpaid jobs. Check stubs from partially paid jobs. Reminders to pay the people from the partially paid jobs. Lots of things that need to be dealt with at some point.

The Pile is an annoying reminder that I am not alone in my office, but that I am still responsible for pretty much everything. I wish I could train the Pile to take care of itself. That would be nice.

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