Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Ride = The Future

A friend picked up an obscure bike magazine on a recent trip to Europe. As soon as I picked it up I wanted to know everything about it. Every aspect of it -- printing, binding, layouts, design, writing, everything, is perfect, and reflects an attention to detail that is very rare on today's newsstand. Or as some people would say, "Bespoke."

I asked my friend -- "Where did you get this?" "What IS this?" "How are they doing this?"

What is "this?" It's The Ride Journal. And it is the future. Some believe that the only way for the printed piece to survive is for it to provide an experience that cannot be replicated online. That's exactly what is going on here. Sitting and reading the book, and holding it is a unique
experience. There is no way to digitally replicate this feeling.

Click here to download the 1st issue as a PDF (26MB) and read it online. Then find a way to get the printed version of the 2nd or 3rd issue (good luck!) and sit down with a pot of coffee in a comfy chair and consume the whole thing, cover to cover. Then think about which one tastes better. I know which one I'd rather eat.

Some samples of what's going on inside. And keep in mind these are all spreads or full pages:

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