Friday, August 7, 2009

Toxic / Richter / Maisel / Gowin

Every time I fly into SFO I look out the window at the mutant ponds of whoknowswhat on the approach from the south. The lines and colors make beautiful abstractions, as they are framed by the oval window. (Why are plane windows so small and low anyway?)

I love watching the paintings shift and flow by as we descend slowly over the bay.These landscapes remind me of Gerhard Richter paintings:

It also reminds me of David Maisel. He has been photographing aerial landscapes on many levels and has a beautiful body of work. Some of my faves:

Mr. Maisel got his photographic start as an undergrad at Princeton, where he studied under Emmett Gowin, who did a few aerial projects of his own.

Mr. Gowin also shot this image, one of my all time favorites:

Which inspired me in the front yard the other day, thank you Mr. Gowin:

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