Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ideas for Personal Work / CA Annual

I have a ton of irons in the fire right now, but no jobs have come through yet. Which has me thinking once again about personal work. In addition, the CA Photo Annual showed up in the mailbox, without any of my work in it (again, rats.) The Annual isn't online yet, so I am sitting here trying to recall which images I liked. The first that come to mind are aerial specialist Vincent Laforet's images of Olympic divers. So simple, unique, photoshop-free, and just plan kick ass:

Personal work. It's a never ending process, and the reason we do this for a living -- for the joy of creating images that resonate with our creative cores and bring us happiness, both in creating them and sharing them.

Often shooting personal work is the most difficult job as well as the most rewarding. Time spent on personal work is precious, and needs to be well thought out and honest. There's no knowing when there will be time, money, or resources to do it again. That said, here are a few of the ideas I am considering right now:

-- Continuing the Freemasonry Project
-- Cyclocross as Fine Art
-- Recreating images from the 70's in an old ranch house
-- Memories of growing up in Ohio
-- Fraternity / Sorority still life + portrait study

I'm pursuing all of these right now, I'll have to see which one picks up momentum first and just go with it.


bob said...

i've been thinking about cyclocross art too. have you seen this video shot with the red one camera? it definitely takes race footage and transforms it into something more artistic.

Jamie Kripke said...

That is cool -- thanks for sending it along. I like the way the Red Camera looks too...