Friday, September 4, 2009

The Power of Color

Beautiful set of Walker Evans Polaroids over on American Suburb X. This image above has me thinking about color. When these old images shift pallettes, they become more precious and nostalgic for me. And the closer they are to the "70's pallette" the more they resonate.

Color is powerful stuff. The difference between a new blue sky and a cyan sky that has aged for 30+ years is hard to explain. Ultimately it comes back to the idea that all art is subjective, and our individual perception of it is based on our life experience.

Maybe it says something about how much I enjoyed growing up in the 70's. Or that seeing images that are as old as me hits home when I see that age is changing them too.


stuart rayner said...

good reference point for your 70s ranch house project

Jamie Kripke said...

Yes, I would love to create some images that look / feel like this very polaroid. But making them from scratch is way harder than finding them in an old shoebox!

akripke said...

Could they just be Photoshoped to look like this, or would it be necessary to set-up proper lighting/lens's/etc or both?

Peter Arno Broer said...

I think for somebody raised in the 70's there will always be a beautifull kind of nostaliga to these images or pallettes. It ispires me definitely.