Tuesday, February 23, 2010

farewell, sweetheart


I just sold my Canon 1DS Mark II to some guy in Hong Kong.  Bought it new around 2005, and pretty much stopped shooting film through my Hasselblad once I could shoot huge, clean, digital files and deliver them to clients the same day.  Learned a lot more about working with strobes.  Shot way more than ever before.  It really enabled me to grow in so many ways. 

When I started assisting and getting into photography, I drove a red Toyota pickup truck all over the West, sleeping in the back on a crappy foam mattress next to my camera pack and tripod.  When I sold the truck on Craigslist years later to a "farmer" from Mendocino, I found myself flooded with years of memories, and totally broke down and cried as the buyer handed over a messy wad of $100 bills.  I loved that truck, and the life experience that it represented.

So as I arranged the body and all the accessories for this classic eBay picture, I found myself tearing up again, as I recalled all the adventures that this rugged little camera and I shared over the last five years.  Sunrises, sunsets, rain, snow, sun, laughter, frustration, anxiety, relief, wonder, people, places, adventures, experiences, and lots of creative growth all being funneled through that tiny little eyepiece, piling up in my mind in the form of what I guess you could simply call "life."

You may be a hunk of metal and circuits wrapped in plastic, but I will miss you.  Thanks for the good times.  



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Roger said...


Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed it. Amazing how we can get attached to things and how hard it can be to part with them after the journey. Thanks for your great blog as well.