Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The (New York) Time is Now

Picked up the NYT to catch up on some news last night, which I've actually been reading on my iphone since we cancelled our Sunday subscription.  I still wonder if I will pay for it once they start charging for the online version.  (Btw, why no photo credits or captions on the iphone version?)

On the front page:  Subway bombing in Moscow.  Horrible.  Not what I want to read about.  Moving down the page, a depressing article about how photographers are struggling.  Not really news to me.  Further down, an editor from House and Garden slides into a life of despair, emptiness and compulsive eating after she is laid off.  (image above by Tanyth Berkeley.)  Ok, head to sports for something lighter.  The lucrative bubble of professional golf has burst, thanks to Tiger's romantic exploits.  Even golf is in a state of turmoil.


This morning, I met a guy whose life was changed forever by a rock.  A rock that fell off a cliff, hit him on the head, and nearly killed him.   That rock was destined for his skull, and it changed him forever.  He quit his job as a real estate broker and focused instead on leaving a legacy.  He now works to inspire others to live in the moment, and create positive change in the world.

Went back to the NYT this morning, and read about a new supercollider that was fired up on Tuesday.  It's the biggest, fastest, most expensive collider in the world, and physicists are pee-in-their-pants excited about the secrets it may unlock.  I love when scientists get really excited:

Photo by Fabrice Coffrini.

Physicist Micheal Barnett says, “We are on this planet and in this universe a short time. The dreams of a lifetime are waiting, and hopefully not much longer.” 


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