Tuesday, March 16, 2010

old cars, old ads, new awesomeness

There is a gold mine of old car ads over at Old Car Brochures.  I love shitty old American cars, and now I get to love all the shitty old ads too.  

There is something so honest about these ads.  They're simply not pretending to be anything else.  They really just want to sell you a car, plain and simple.  How much fun did some copywriter have coming up with the lines "husky drum brakes" and "Luster Gard?"  How much fun did the AD have putting those people on the balcony for the apres ski scene or getting a woman to gaze longingly at an AMC Pacer?  

It's all so contrived, and so awesome. 

I'd love to know who shot these.  And I'd really love to see a behind the scenes from the Pinto shoot.  I can only imagine the size of the moustaches on that set. 

Thanks to Scott at ISO50 for the find.

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jimgolden said...

these are great! have you seen these books from taschen?