Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dillon O'Kelley: Special Operations

It's a big week here at JK Industries.  The one man band is now two part harmony.  Dillon O'Kelley is the newest addition to the crack production crew -- that's him above, sporting a $0.99 poncho during a blustery editorial shoot back in his school days.  

With his shiny new title of "Special Ops" Mr. O'Kelley will be helping with pretty much everything -- photo assisting, marketing, technical support, editing, retouching, creative direction, beer, and whatever else the job requires. 

On that note, Dillon will be running a new weekly post called "weekend update" where we round up a few of our favorites from the week.

The only advice I've given Dillon so far is to watch out for the boss, he can be difficult at times.

Good luck Dillon, welcome to the band!

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