Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Find this photo, I'll send you a print

Please help me find this photo.  It's for a good cause.

My friend saw it in a restaurant, and wanted to buy a print of it to put up in his house.  Now, this is a restaurant where he has hosted numerous large events for his agency clients.  So he is not some guy walking in off the street for a cheeseburger.  He has enabled the dropping of large chunks of cash at this place.

So the manager says "no way."  She won't tell him where they got it, or who shot it, since it is a "unique part of their branding."  The interior designer and the owner wouldn't give it up either.

Chances are that they don't own this photo, or exclusive rights to it.  The photographer that shot this (or his/her gallery or family) has every right to sell this again and again, until someone either buys it out, licenses it exclusively, or the edition runs out.

To make matters worse, they took a perfectly awesome photo and forged their own cheesy oversized signature on it.

I've looked everywhere I can in an effort to find it, and even went through a friend at Corbis that forwarded it on to the research department.  No luck.

So, for the sake of the photographer, and for the sake of having it printed and framed properly without a big dumb signature on it, help me find this image. 

If you can locate it,  I'll send you a 12" print of your choice from any image on my site.  Signed on the back.


Anonymous said...

Stop faffing around and find this photo people!

For Pete's Sake said...

Are there any clues on the surf boards? Can you blow this image up? Even something small on the suits may provide some clue (too many years of watching Scooby Doo).

Jamie Kripke said...

I only have a low res snap of it, from a cell phone. I might need to go on a recon mission to get a good look at the print. If I can find any other info I'll post it here.