Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beercans in a line / square / circle

I've always loved John Baldessari's 1974 piece Throwing four balls in the air to get a square ( best of 36 tries ):
I love the hand, since it tells you he's not alone. And I love how the trees eventually creep into the frame, a little shout out to California, and the loose energy of that art scene in the 70's.

Baldessari is also a total badass.

So I stole borrowed JB's idea and put a modern twist on it, using a more urban backdrop and beercans instead of balls.  We attempted the following combos, and stuck to 36 total attempts for each.  Funny how that number is losing its significance as film slowly vanishes...

3 Heinekens in a Line:

Four Budweisers in a square:

And 5 PBR's in a circle (my favorite of the series):

It was nice to shoot something random, no retouching, no complex lighting, just some beercans, a wall, and one light with a bare head.

I also think I like the single images more that the series, since there can really only be one "best."  I'm sure JB had his reasons for showing more than one.


cameron said...

hopefully no beer was harmed in the creation of this shoot.

embry_rucker said...

thanks for the new desktop. said...

Okay totally off topic but check out this link:

Catching up on your blog, seeing the Sweetgrass trailer combined with your aesthetic made me think you might like this trailer. One of my favs.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting experiment, I enjoyed it very much haha