Wednesday, November 10, 2010


After seeing Brock Davis' MSCED project the other day, I decided to go make something cool.  I wasn't going to overthink it.  Just let an idea enter my mind, and make it happen, without second guessing or overthinking it.  I'd just let my imagination lead, and my hands would follow.

We've had a beautiful fall here, and it has been amazing to watch the trees slowly change colors.  There was one in particular on my street that was a really nice shade of pink, with big, perfect leaves.

So I decided to do something with leaves.  Then I thought it would be funny to have a pile of leaves that was perfectly square, instead of the low, round piles we're used to seeing.  Where would it be?  In someone's yard?  Too obvious.  In the middle of a field seemed more random and simple.

So I raked up the pink leaves (my neighbors found this to be a little bizarre), glued them to a box, took it to a big field, and made this picture:

Which I have to say is a really stupid, almost embarrassing image.  But the process was a success.  It felt good to just make something for the sake of making something, without getting caught up in trying to understand why you're making it, or what it means.

Cubist leaf pile: check.  On to the next idea.....