Monday, August 25, 2008

Modeling for Yourself -- the Answer

Email to the photo editor on aforementioned job:

Well, my first shoot with you has been an interesting one. On my way to the game on Friday night I stopped at Best Buy, Circuit City and Sears to shoot pictures of rows of televisions as a second option, just in case the Jumbotron shot wasn't working. I managed to get kicked out of all three stores for shooting there -- the lady at Sears was in an electric wheelchair and called security. I felt like I was back in junior high.

Saturday morning I went to our local sex shop to pick up some props. The selection at there is pretty amazing, and the sales staff helped me pick out a really cool handcuff / blindfold / paddle / moustache set, along with a leather and rubber ball gag just like the one the gimp used in pulp fiction.

My wife and I actually staged some sex pics of ourselves on Saturday night, which was really weird, and for a second I actually thought that it was going to work. But all it took was seeing the tiny little digital image on my camera to make me realize that the photos I shot should never be seen by anyone, ever. It just didn't feel right to either of us.

So, I'm sorry I didn't deliver an original sex shot. I learned a bit too late that I'm just not the guy for this.



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Rob Prideaux said...

It's just wack timing. If you'd waited until the DNC started there woulda been politicians having sex in the bushes full-time.