Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pounding the Pavement is FUN

Spent yesterday meeting with Art Buyers, which can be really fun if they aren't too busy and have some time to hang. Some of them know a lot, and truly have their fingers on the pulse of the photo world, so talking with them can be really interesting and helpful.

After yesterday, I am even more worried about the future of photography.

Short term things I worry about: recession, shrinking budgets, microstock, all resulting in timid clients unwilling to try new things.

Long term things I worry about: the power of 3D rendering, retouchers that have studios, the death of paper magazines, motion images replacing still ones, microstock, stagnant editorial rates, and shrinking budgets

When I express these concerns to my art buyer friends, they assure me that as long as people need pictures I'll continue to have a job. Which I think is true -- but the question is:

What is that job going to involve?

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Rob Prideaux said...

Ah geez, I just made a similar list this morning. Don't forget:

Intellectual property rights degradation
Online distribution and advertising
"Everybody is a photographer"

The thing is, in my list, I haven't yet decided which are threats and which are opportunities.