Friday, January 23, 2009

Picasso was good, but kind of a dick

This is a self portrait Picasso did when he was about 17. I'm about halfway through A Life of Picasso: The Prodigy 1881-1906. Which has been a good read.

It's fascinating to see how talented and driven (maybe in the reverse order, who knows) he was from a very young age. At this point in the book he is only about 20 -- but he is already working in a studio in Paris, has an art dealer and a mistress. The guy knew what he wanted from the start.

But he has a way of forging ahead through his life, plowing through friends, family, and acquaintances that is kind of disconcerting. He's only 20 but it's pretty clear to see where his life is taking him.

In some ways there are similarities between him and Zidane -- both insanely talented, but constantly surrounded by mediocre mortals, which is ultimately a source of frustration and anger.

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