Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10,000 Hours with Bill Frisell

Had the pleasure of seeing Bill Frisell play last night. I've always liked his music since my brother in law gave me a CD years ago -- it is intensely visual and dimensional. Frisell also did an amazing collaboration with Gerhard Richter a while back, where he composed 8 original songs to accompany Richter's show at the time. The book, Richter 858, included a CD. It has changed the way I see Richter's paintings, as well as the way I hear Frisell's music.

Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be truly skilled at something. Frisell clearly passed this mark a long time ago -- and watching him play makes me look forward to a time in my career when photography takes on more and more layers and becomes even more second nature.

It's also exciting to think about ways that sound affects images and vice versa -- Richter and Frisell had the right idea. I'm hoping to explore this space a bit more with my work.

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