Thursday, October 8, 2009

busy busy

I've found a new studio, and have been busy getting things moved into the new space. Although it's more of a storefront and less a proper studio. But who cares, it's a great space and it's going to be awesome:

Also got a call to shoot stills for an interesting documentary taking place in Alabama over the next year or so. Looks like I need to fly out Saturday and spend next week in a remote corner of Sweet Home. Then it's back on Friday to do another shot for GoLite, then off to NY on Monday for meetings until Thursday (and a short video workshop with Vincent Laforet, for the sake of due diligence....)

Hoping to complete said travel without contracting H1N1.


stuart rayner said...

all the best with it Jamie , are you using it to shoot or just an office space , or gallery maybe ? is that in Boulder ?

jimgolden said...

congrats jaime! nice to have windows, helps out a lot with that we talked about...