Thursday, October 1, 2009

personal project: 40 places to drink beer

I was feeling a bit down the other day, and needed to get away from my desk. So I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and drove out to a dirt road in the hills to drink a beer.

I finished the beer and set it down on the ground, which was kind of funny. I thought about all the empty beer cans sitting on the ground all over the world. And how each of them tells a story about a person who for one reason or another, needed to just sit, relax, and have a cold beer.

I shot a few pictures of the can on the ground, then started moving it around, looking for new places and stories. The washed out color pallette in these images is derived from the way a beer can fades after sitting in the sun.

I like the simplicity of this project. And I like how it relates to our current economy. Lots of people (photographers included) are sitting around drinking beer, contemplating the future. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Anonymous said...

PBR- good beer. I like the fourth one.

Jesse said...

There is something heartbreaking about the lonely beer can. It's empty, used, and discarded. What a fate. But for a short while, it was someone's best friend. Oh, the stories it could tell.