Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm not quite sure what to make of this Nikon Festival. They are going to give $100,000 to someone that makes a 2 minute video. This video, by Matt Hill is the first one to get any real attention in the photo community:

Is this video worthy of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS? For that matter, is any video?

I find it a bit obnoxious for Nikon to dangle this much money in front of people when there is so little work to go around. 5k, 10k, sure, but $100k? I don't get it.

Here is an idea for a film:

Find a single person that has dedicated their entire life to some sort of charity or philanthropy. Follow them with a video camera for one day, as they give away $100k of their own money in pursuit of their cause. Edit it to 140 seconds, done.

Or maybe they should just give it to some guy that rode a train to New York to drink beers and play pool?

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Jesse said...

I've been following this contest for a while. The quality of the videos being submitted is really, really low. Haven't seen anything yet worthy of 100k. Hoping to change that when I submit my film :)