Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banksy is funny

Apparently Banksy is coming out with a new film.  The trailer makes it look like a subversively urban cross between Lost in La Mancha and Jackass:

Banksy pulls off some hilarious stuff.  Last year in NY, I visited his installation called the Village Petstore and Charcoal Grill.  Kind of hard to describe, but basically it was a pet store with animatronic animals and processed meat foods (also animatronic). Amazing:

And one of my favorite stunts: At Bristol Zoo, he left the message 'I want out. This place is too cold. Keeper smells. Boring, boring, boring.' in the elephant enclosure.

A few more gems from Mr. Banksy:

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Desideria said...

Adore this trailer, haha! It's amazing how he's managed to intrigue not only the youngsters into grafitti, and got his foot firmly into the posh fine art scene, but he actually uses a modernistic style (all his own) to say something worthwhile.