Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss

Just got back from Spain, and had a blast on a great shoot, many new things to think + write about.  I'm severely jet lagged, moving into a new house, and have a massive giga-pile of images to work through, so as a friend of mine likes to say,  I'm "busier than a one-armed bartender at happy hour."

On the flight back from Madrid, picked up a copy of Esquire, which had a great profile of Ron Dennis of McLaren Group (19 Formula One World Championships).  He said something that has been sticking in my head for a few days:

In talking about working closely with top F1 drivers: "If you are the best at something in the world, you have achieved it through sacrifice, and that sacrifice has impacted on your character.  Normally that impact is negative, not positive."

Some odd tasting food for thought.

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Anonymous said...

Although organized religion seems counter intuitive to me, Buddhism's middle road philosophy cannot be disputed. Great risk, great sacrifice and great reward are bound together whereas steadiness is self-sustaining. So we all have to figure out what path we are on in this life and make the choices accordingly. Hope to see some of your most recent photos.