Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wyoming Hunting Trip

Last month I drove to Jackson WY, for a portrait shoot, which is 10 - 12 hours depending upon weather (the drive, not the shoot), and took some time going to and from to shoot some personal work.  I really enjoy this kind of photography, exploring side roads, taking my time, driving slowly, and discovering things along the way.  

I call it "hunting + gathering" and it has been a staple of my personal work since I started shooting.  I spent an entire summer in Europe hunting and gathering while living in a VW van, and couldn't have been happier.

On this particular trip, I listened to Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" which is the darkest, most depressing story I've ever heard.  It actually made me not want to see the movie, because I can already imagine what it will look like.  However, it made for a great soundtrack as I cruised cow towns with names like La Barge, Big Piney, and Bronx.

In my experience, the stuff that I am drawn to tends to exist around the edges.   Whether it's the edge of a town, the edge of a field, or the edge of a lake or shopping mall, I usually find what I am looking for when I get away from the center.   

The nice thing about hunting and gathering is that your success is really at the mercy of luck and timing.  But it also helps you to understand how to maximize, then be prepared for luck and timing.  Every once in a while, things just come together on their own, and it feels great when you happen to be standing there with a camera. 


Jesse said...

This is my kind of hunting trip!

David Torrence Photography said...

Hunting + Gathering is a excellent description. These are wonderful.

sweetfern said...

Love how haunting yet clean these images are.

Erich Morton said...

there are some gems in here