Thursday, September 4, 2008

Possible Archive Spreads

Time again to pick images for Archive. I'm going to run two shots from China, but I'm having a hard time deciding which images to go with. This always feels like such a huge decision to me, but I'm learning that it's best to just go with the gut and get it over with. A few possibilities:


Rob Prideaux said...

I think Five works best - the similar pallete and mood work really well together, and the subject matter seems to match quite nicely.

Two's not working for me because they're different (close in vs out, narrow lighting) but not different enough (portraits, chinese people).

One, that walkway shot is awesome but I can't see how these two images support each other.

Three and Four are better pairings than two, but have basically the same dynamic as Two.

Not that you asked!

wannabe said...

three (pyramid) - humor is relative to your style
five (chair) - mood is just fantastic


yv said...

Actually I would like to see one with the pyramid on the left and the walkway on the right. Besides that #5 would be my choice. Nice images.